Main information:

Information for people with a handicap

Picture: Water Parterre in front of Linderhof Palace


Information for people with mobility impairment

General map with notes for wheelchair users and persons with walking difficulties

There are some wheelchairs and walkers available that can be borrowed against a deposit. Please inquire at the ticket office.


Disabled parking / Way to the ticket office

  • 6 disabled parking spaces at the car park  (see map)

  • Free parking for severely disabled persons with ID card

  • Distance from car park to ticket office approx. 260 m; path surface: asphalt, gravel, smooth cobblestones; maximum incline 10 %; accompanying person recommended for wheelchair users

  • Access to the museum shop / bistro (near the ticket office) at ground level


Path from the ticket office to the palace

Distance approx. 400 m; path surface: asphalt, gravel, smooth cobblestones; maximum incline 12.5 %, maximum decline 8 %; accompanying person recommended for wheelchair users


Linderhof Palace

Access to the visitor waiting area in front of the palace via a separate entrance



Picture: Dining room

There is no lift in the castle, but there is a mobile stair climber. Access to the palace rooms (ground floor and 1st floor) is only possible for wheelchair users with this stair climbing aid. If your wheelchair is not suitable for the device (electric wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, etc.), we will be happy to provide you with another wheelchair for your visit to the castle.

For organizational reasons (provision of staff and mobile stair climber, coordination of tours) we ask wheelchair users to contact the staff at the ticket office.
Thank you very much for your support!

  • Rooms on the 1st floor without steps

  • Doorways at least 85 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available on request


Royal Lodge


Picture: Exhibition in the Royal Lodge


Stepless access

  • Permanent exhibition "Vom Lynder-Hof zum Schloss" (From Lynder-Hof Estate to Linderhof Palace) on the ground floor

  • Doorways at least 94 cm wide, doorsteps 2 cm high

  • Level flooring


Exterior of the Royal Lodge

Seating available; partly covered


Hunding's Hut


Picture: Hunding's Hut


Access via ramp; entrance door 110 cm wide


Level, non-slip flooring

Exterior of Hunding's Hut

Seating available


Palace park (paths)

  • Many inclines; accompanying person recommended for wheelchair users

  • Water Parterre at the palace accessible without stairs (via the path to the toilet)

  • path surface: asphalt, gravel, smooth cobblestones

  • Seating available



Bild: Einsiedelei des Gurnemanz

Park buildings (without staff)

  • Moroccan House and Moorish Kiosk: Only accessible via several steps

  • Chapel: Accessible without steps; a view into the chapel is possible from the outside

  • Hermitage of Gurnemanz: Acess via 2 steps


Disabled toilets

  • At the car park (only in summer); access by Euro key (can be borrowed at the car park kiosk)

  • At the palace; access by Euro key (can be borrowed at the palace)

Information for the visually impaired

  • No guidance system for the visually impaired available

  • Regular guided tours in the palace and in Hunding's Hut

  • At the park buildings information to listen to in German and several foreign languages

Information for the hearing impaired

  • Induction loop for hearing aids available at the ticket office

  • On request, we are happy to provide guests with hearing disabilities with texts to read along during the palace tours.

  • Written information available

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